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House Breaking

The more consistent you are in following basic house training procedures, the faster your puppy will be trained to go outside. Since puppies are in a developmental stage of bladder control they must go outside every few hours in the beginning. Taking them to the same spot outdoors often helps in teaching them consistency of when and where to go. Keep in mind that your puppy should know that his time outside is time for business and not play time.  

A few words of praise can go a long way in your house breaking journey.  Always remember that praise should come immediately after he is finished eliminating, not after he is back inside the house. Verbal praise or giving him a treat is great positive reinforcement for your puppy and he will soon learn what's expected of him.  Remember - praise goes a lot further than scolding ever did.    

Getting used to being alone    
Teaching independence is an important role in proper house breaking.  When you are not with your puppy or maybe you need a break, put him or her in an enclosed area or in a crate.  Soon they will learn how to handle some alone time and this will prevent them from getting "separation anxiety".  Wee wee pads are an excellent alternative to going outside if you are not at home as long as it is not the only way your puppy is trained.

Stay calm!    
Remember - You didn't learn potty training the first week either!  If you catch your new puppy in the act of having an accident,  pick him up and take him outdoors immediately.  Constant scolding will only lead to confusion and even more behavioral problems.

Clean up the mess ASAP.    
If your dog associates the scent of waste with a particular area in your home, he may become accustomed to using that area as his spot to relieve himself.  Having the proper cleaning supplies ready to use may prevent future accidents.

Have patience    
Most dogs are house broken before one year - some sooner, some later.  The amount of time depends on how consistent you are with the above suggestions. Common sense relates to dog training as well and with a little time your pet will become a welcome addition to your family.