Things to do when your dating leaves you on read

The scenario is that the person got the message and is not replying. You’ve been seenzoned and left clueless. You wonder what to do and what happened that the chat mate is ignoring you. 

Initially, you may make excuses for the person, such as their being busy with work or partying with their friends and Houston escorts. Yet, after 48 hours passes by, you know that they won’t reply, and you’ve been left on read. 

This silent treatment goes on for days, and maybe weeks. Perhaps they will never reply again or send a message to come up with some lame excuse. You’ve been ghosted, and if the person returns, haunted. 

When Your Dating Leaves You On Read

When you’re left on read, it can make you feel terrible. You wonder what went wrong and why they haven’t responded to your last message. You spend time analyzing every word you wrote and trying to figure out what went wrong. 

Aside from wondering, you end up waiting and hoping your chatmate will reply. You might even send another message to check if they are alright, and still be left on seenzone. 

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A Common Way To End Online Relationships

Don’t take it personally, as you are not the only person who has experienced being ghosted. Many people have been left on read before, and many more will be in the future. In fact, this is one of the most common ways for online dating relationships to end .

So try not to overthink the situation if someone has yet failed to reply after a few days. The odds are there isn’t anything wrong with either party. It is just an unfortunate side effect of communicating via technology, similar to getting the silent treatment. 

Not Easy To Accept 

Being ignored isn’t easy to accept, but it does happen, even in real life. You’ll wonder why the person suddenly clams up. However, dwelling on the matter will make you feel confused, so move on.

When you’re left on read, it’s easy to get upset. And while there are definitely better ways to deal with rejection than lashing out at your partner, it’s important not to take it personally. They might be busy, sick or scared, or not feel ready yet.

Making Excuses For The SeenZone 

Our mind might make excuses, such as they are not well. Try not to fill in the blanks. You’ve been ignored, and it may be your mistake, or theirs. If you think it is due to what you did, then assess and reflect on what went wrong. 

Don’t overthink things. You don’t know what’s going on in their head, so don’t assume you do. When left on read, it is better not to feel too sad about it boils down to the lack of communication. 

Accepting The Seenzone

When someone refuses to communicate with you in real life, such as snubbing you, our reactions are different. However, when ghosted, we still wait as it is normal not to get a reply immediately when chatting online. 

As in most cases of being ignored by someone you like, you can give them time and space to respond when they’re ready. If they don’t respond at all after waiting for over a week, accept it as there is nothing you can do about it, anyway.